Andrea Szirbik: Folk with a Twist

folk frolics through country, pop, rock, bluegrass + more bouncing from silly to
sultry to serious and back! some might say that if Shakira, the Dixie Chicks,
Jewel, Ani DiFranco... and maybe also Dolly Parton got stuck in an elevator
together and then wrote some songs, that starts to describe my music. haha
regardless of all that, the best way to decide is to listen. and here you are.
welcome :)

News for new album: Andrea's Spectacles 

We are finally having an album release at Leaven, 44 Market Street in Somersworth, NH!! Start time will be 7ish. More details soon, but mark your calendars for October 1st! 

P.S. Check out the awesome paper cover art by Adam Gouveia!

Getting to know Andrea Szirbik

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Short Bio

Andrea Szirbik describes her music as "folk with a twist." This Dover-based singer
songwriter frolics through country, pop, bluegrass and rock, her lilting vocals offering 
up naked-hearted, sultry, sometimes downright silly lyrics that reveal with glassy
vulnerability her path through life and love. Her original compositions feature Szirbik on
vocals with guitar, ukulele, piano or banjo, at times flying solo, but often accompanied by 
at least one member of the full band "Andrea's Spectacles" featuring: Matt Young
(bass, harmonies, mandolin), Dan Murphy (percussion), Kristin Nobel (fiddle, harmonies),
Scott Sutherland (mandolin, banjo) + sometimes also Joseph K Murphy (electric guitar). 
The full band project has an upbeat (yes, danceable!) folk-rock-americana vibe. Chris 
Hislop of The Spotlight writes "The music infiltrates your brain and you'll want to listen 
again in the spirit of paying closer attention to the stories she weaves with such grace 
throughout her songs."

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